The Dj's and Performers of Endless Night Dublin.

Aengel Landscape.jpg

Dj Aengel

Resident Dj for Endless Night events as well as Necropolis (NYC), QXT's (NJ) and Redrum (NYC). Playing a mix of Rock, Goth, Wave & Electronic Music since 2000.

V-Christ Landscape.jpg

Dj V-Christ

Stage Production Manager and Dj for Endless Night events. Resident Dj at Underworld (NYC) and Redrum (NYC). 

Fee Square.JPG

Dj Agro Fi (Dublin)

Irelands goth/industrial concert promoter, Ministry of Agroculture Promotions and Resident Dj/Co-Owner of De:Crypt (Formerly Revolution) in Dublin!

Sean Square.jpg

Dj Sean Templar (NYC)

Founder of the Murder Of Crows Festival, Red Party & Underworld.

Martin Square.jpg

Dj Martin Oldgoth (UK)

Dj and Manager of thirteen13 Radio and dj of just about everywhere!


Bella Square.jpg

Bella Agogo

Sumptuously Dark & Sexy Burlesque

Exploding Square.jpg

The Exploding Boy

Swedish Goth Rock Band